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Summer is for Shakespeare!

The theatre kid in your life is sure to love this Shakespeare summer camp! We are hosting a 2-week summer camp where students will be split into two groups based on age and rotate through different workshops before coming together to perform a shortened version of A Midsummer Night's Dream. The Week will be filled with theatre games, crafts, and activities where professional actors that have toured with the company will teach performance and improv skills, vocal work, stage combat, the technical side of stagecraft, and MORE!

Join the Rude Mechanicals this summer!!

What is Rude Mechanicals?

Rude Mechanicals is the name of a specific group of witty characters that are a part of a subplot in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Shakespeare loved to write plays within his plays, so this crew of six craftsmen want to put on a play for the royal wedding. The troupes' rehearsals are a satire of amateur theatre, but ultimately represent an appreciation and love for the performing arts.


WHEN: August 9th - August 20th / Monday - Friday I 9am - 3pm

AGES: 8-11 and 12-18 years old (2 groups)

COST: $485 for 2 weeks


1. Will my camper be involved in a performance?

Yes! At the end of two weeks students will perform an abridged production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

2. Will campers be separated by age group, or will all campers be working together?

Campers will work mainly in a group with their peers. As we near the performance, the groups will combine to put the show together.

3. What are your COVID protocols

Families will be sent specific information as we near the camp date. Students will be required to masks whenever indoors or if they are closely rehearsing a scene. Hand sanitizer made available. Students will be participating in many camp activities outside to have access to fresh air.

4. Is there a cancellation policy in case of a COVID-19 test coming back positive?

If we must, we are prepared to "move to a virtual camp". Last summer and winter we produced multiple drama camps and feel more than prepared to engage campers over Zoom. There will not be refunds if we move to Zoom. If the camp must be canceled completely, refunds will be issued.

5. Is lunch provided?

No. Students must bring a bagged lunch. Due to limited space, we cannot guarantee that students will have access to a fridge or microwave. Please pack a lunch that does not require reheating.

6. Are absences allowed?

Absences are strongly discouraged, especially during the second week of camp. We will be working toward a performance, and will need a strong and present ensemble. Please alert us of any scheduled absences so we can schedule accordingly.

7. Do you offer scholarships?

The most important part of camp is having an enthusiastic and committed ensemble. If you need financial assistance, please see the required information below and/or contact our Education Manager.

8. What is needed for a day at camp?

Water! Clothing you can move in, and closed toe shoes are required. Please bring a hat and whatever sun protection you might need. Also, it is helpful to have a spare face mask in case a strap breaks.

9. Can parents stay to watch camp? We ask that parents, siblings, and other family members or friends leave after drop-off.

Contact Stephanie Chavara for more information at: or call 406-994-3303.

The Kaj Seifert Foundation for Aspiring Young Artists is generously offering one grant to a student to attend the Rude Mechanicals summer camp!

The Kaj Seifert Foundation was established to encourage youth ages 10-17 to get their first experience in one of the arts - dance, music, video or audio production, performing arts or visual arts. Named in honor of Kaj Seifert, a Bozeman musician, this foundation understands that it can be difficult to experience arts without a little help. Maybe an applicant needs equipment, maybe it is lessons or a summer camp---many things are possible with a little support from the Kaj Seifert Foundation for Aspiring Young Artists.

What do you need to know before applying?

  • You must be at least 10 years old, but no older than 17 to qualify.
  • You must be exploring an arts in which you have not had much experience.
  • You must submit an application video AND a proof-of-performance video six months later.
  • You must have a mentor who will help you for the entire first six months--this can be a teacher, of course, or just someone older who will agree to oversee your learning AND you must ask them for their help before applying.
  • You must have two adults (parent or other family member over age 21, friend of the family over age 21, teacher, neighbor) vouch for your participation.
  • You must live in Montana, Idaho or Wyoming.

How to apply: video application (short...not more than 5 minutes)...don’t worry, this does not have to be professional quality. You can video yourself on a phone and submit it.

1. Introduce yourself - name, address, town and zip code, phone number.

2. Please tell us what art you want to experience and why. (Please let us know why you want to experience something new and let us get a picture of the kind of person you are. Let us know how you have tried to do this on your own so far. And you might tell us if there is someone you admire who already does this.)

3. Tell us what you need to get started (do you need an instrument, dance shoes, art supplies, camp tuition, video editing software, lessons, etc.--what do you need that you do not have already?) Be sure to let us know who will be providing the equipment, lessons, camps, etc. that will help you get your start.

4. Tell us who your mentor is - name, phone number, address, town and zip code. Also tell us why you chose this person as a mentor. Remember: you must ask them if they are willing to be your mentor for a period of six months and we will be calling them to get their agreement.

5. Give us the names of two adults who can vouch for you trying something new - a parent or other family member, a teacher, a neighbor, a minister or camp counselor, a YMCA camp counselor, etc. We need their names and phone numbers so we can contact them.

6. All payments will go to the supplier - a music store, an online retailer, camp registration, music teacher, etc. No payments will go to the applicant directly.

Email your video submission to:

DEADLINE: JULY 16th, 2021

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