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Fall 2018 Julius Caesar October 5, 2018 - December 14, 2018

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Julius Caesar

Now in its 26th season, Shakespeare in the Schools (SIS) is presenting Julius Caesar to middle and high school students in the way it was meant to be presented – in an engaging live performance. Accompanied by a lively post-show talk back and related and active workshops, SIS reaches 47 schools with 53 performances in Montana and Wyoming each fall with professional programming.

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Workshop Descriptions

1. The Public: Persuasion Through Art (Language)

Rhetoric is defined as “the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the use of figures of speech and other compositional techniques” (Oxford Dictionary). Shakespeare was acutely aware of the power of language and the power of art. In this workshop, students will play with two of the best examples of rhetoric and public persuasion in all of Shakespeare. Students will explore the language through public speaking and interpretation through making public art by comparing and contrasting the two funeral speeches of Brutus and Marc Antony.

2. Ambition: Thirsting for Power (Theatrical Relevance)

In Julius Caesar, ambition is primarily measured through the amount of control and power within the government. The play blends the personal with the political. Using theatre exercises and examples from Shakespeare’s play, students will investigate how ambition can be a force for good and how ambition, if left unchecked, can disrupt the lives of the individual and the larger society.

3. Revolution: Violence and its Consequences (Physical Theatre)

In Julius Caesar, revolution, violence and battle has occurred prior to the beginning of the play, occurred in real time within the play and figure to play a huge role in what happens after the play. Using the historical facts of the ancient Roman Republic and soon, Empire and the words and actions of Shakespeare’s character, students will explore how such violent actions and words can lead to both intended and unintended consequences.

4. Governing: Between Ancient Rome and Modern America from the Local to the National on the World Stage

This workshop has been designed in conversation with history and civics teachers in Montana and tackles the themes of governing a large nation or empire. How do differing environments in a large nation change the ability to govern? How do leaders wrangle a nation and respond to the people at a local level? Through theater games, students will make tangible ideas of rule and politics and discover the mirror relationship between these two world powers in their times.


Shakespeare in the Schools only charges schools 25% of the actual cost of keeping the program on the road. The other 75% is made up through a combination of grants and individual donations. School administrations most often cover the $800.00 fee, but oftentimes parent-teacher organizations or community groups help to pay for part or all of the program. If there is a school in your community that you feel would benefit from the Shakespeare in the Schools program, please contact:

Susan Miller, Director of Marketing and Outreach for more information on how you can help bring the program in.

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