The Artistic Director's Circle

Founded in 2014, The Artistic Director's Circle honors those who provide Montana Shakespeare in the Parks extraordinary support by making an annual commitment of $1,000 or more. Artistic Director’s Circle members receive special benefits including: 

  • Insider updates during MSIP’s three annual tours.
  • Exclusive invitations to special events including Behind the Scenes, the annual Dream Event, and two tickets to The Elise Event, our annual fundraiser gala for Shakespeare in the Schools. 
  • Lunch or dinner with the Executive Artistic Director. 
  • Special recognition in the Summer Parks Tour program. 

To join the Artistic Director’s Circle, give online or call us at 406-994-3944. You may also mail a check to: 

Montana Shakespeare in the Parks 

ATTN: Development Director 
PO Box 174120 
Bozeman, MT 59717-4120

2017/18 Artistic Director’s Circle Members​

  • Frannie and Franny Abbott 
  • Gary and Susan Andrews 
  • Michael and Sharon Beehler 
  • Roger and Noreen Breeding 
  • James and Beth Burroughs 
  • Carol Cajacob 
  • Tim and Kathy Crawford 
  • Travis Dye and Megan Ashton 
  • Gary Fee and Jo Burris 
  • Michelle Foltz 
  • Greg and Susan Gianforte 
  • Jim Guyer and Jeanie Mentikov 
  • David and Lynn Haas 
  • Patrick and Carol Hemingway 

  • Susan Heyneman 
  • Alex and Andrea Heyneman 
  • Sharon Tudor Isler 
  • Sal and Carol Lalani 
  • Jay and Jenny Leopold 
  • David and Debbie Lyman 
  • Michael Mahler 
  • Robert and Sylvia Miller 
  • Don and Marilyn Murdock 
  • Kathi Nickel 
  • Rex Meyers and Susan Richards 
  • Ariana Paliobagis and Christopher Basile 
  • Claire Phillips 
  • Lucy Jones Rosenberry 

  • Seth Pincus 
  • David and Kippy Sands 
  • John and Karen Savage 
  • Thomas Scanlin 
  • Greg and Lindsay Schack 
  • Risa K. Scott 
  • Robert Siversten 
  • Jason and Karen Smith 
  • Judy Tsiang 
  • Victoria Weston 
  • Lynn Wiener 
  • Art and Candace Wittich 
  • Walter and Regina Wunsch 
  • Robert and Karin Utzinger

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