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Educational Programs

Montana Shakespeare is a collection of 3 programs: Montana Shakespeare in the Parks (all audiences), Montana Shakespeare in the Schools (Middle-High School), and Montana SHAKES! (Elementary-Middle School). During the school year, a professional acting company performs in about 50 schools throughout Montana. These productions feature an abridged production of a Shakespearean play, complete with ornate costumes and scenery, followed by a Q&A session between the actors and students and a full complement of workshops.

Montana Shakespeare in the Parks is happy to provide educational tools for teachers who wish to make their students’ experience with Shakespeare a more engaging one. Here, you’ll find study guides from past productions along with links to powerful educational tools.

Shakespeare in the Schools

Thoughtfully tailored to grades 6-12, the Shakespeare in the Schools program engages students with a 75-minute Shakespearean production performed by nine professional actor/educators. It is then followed by a day of educational workshops meant to deepen students’ understanding of the play’s themes, language, and relevance to contemporary issues.

Montana Shakes!

Montana Shakes! brings an interactive original play featuring scenes from Shakespeare to sixty elementary schools each spring. The play is accompanied by exciting theatrical workshops and introduces Shakespeare to young people in a way that is based on engagement and not apprehension.

Education Resources

For each season of Shakespeare in the Schools, we provide teachers with a study guide to help prepare the students for the performance and corresponding workshops. The last five years are posted below, as well as press releases from the communities where we have performed.

2015 Merchant of Venice

2016 Hamlet

2017 Twelfth Night

2018 Julius Caesar

2018 Julius Caesar PowerPoint

2019 Romeo & Juliet

2021 Much Ado About Nothing

2022 Macbeth

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