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Our 31st Season!

For its 31st season, Shakespeare in the Schools (SIS) will present As You Like It, directed by Melanie Keller, to middle and high school students in the way it was meant to be presented – in an engaging live performance. Accompanied by a lively post-show talk back and related and active workshops, SIS reaches 47 schools with 53 performances in Montana and Wyoming each fall with professional programming. The Fall 2023 schedule is booked! Read on to learn how to bring Shakespeare in the Schools to your school in 2024.

As You Like It

For its 31st season, Montana Shakespeare in the Schools presents : As You Like It. Directed by Melanie Keller and targeted to enthrall middle school & high school kids,  this production will be offered to students in the way it was meant to be presented – in an engaging live performance.

As You Like It subverts traditional tales of romance when gender roles, nature, and politics are all mixed up in a play that reflects how bewildering yet utterly wonderful life can be. Accompanied by a lively post-show talkbacks and workshops, all students are sure to enjoy one of Shakespeare’s first folio masterpieces.

If there is a school in your community that you feel would benefit from the Shakespeare in the Schools program, please contact:

Hannah Jacobsma, Director of Access & Engagement for more information.

A note from the Director, Melanie Keller:

“In As You Like It, we meet a band of characters who are forced by family strife and political corruption to flee the only home they know and risk their lives in the Forest of Arden. What they discover in the Forest exceeds their expectations, to the point of being almost magical. They find freedom, new identities, friendships and above all, love. They are changed, seemingly for the better, by the lessons they learn in the woods. But without the threat of danger, they would likely never have taken the leap into the unknown, which prompts the question: when have you been challenged to take a risk, and found yourself better for the experience? Have you ever found a place or a community that you would call your ‘Forest of Arden?’”


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