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Samual Cheeseman

Sam is giddy to be jumping into his 4th SHAKES tour and 7th tour overall with Montana Shakespeare in the Parks. You may have caught him in last year’s show launching rockets into space or puppeteering a broom, but outside of that, Sam most recently appeared in the Summer Parks productions of Measure for Measure and The Three Musketeers. Based out of Chicago, IL, Sam has performed and taught in many states from the midwest to the mountain west, but finds Montana to be his favorite home away from home. Outside of acting and teaching, Sam loves playing games, spending time with friends, eating tacos, and making mistakes! He can’t wait to share this year’s show (which he had a hand in writing!) with Montana and Wyoming. He wants to extend a huge thank you to the office staff at MSIP for all the hard work they do year after year.

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